Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tolstoy on Faith

Here's an excerpt of a letter Count Leo Tolstoy wrote to his sister-in-law in 1876, not long after his conversion:

I not only hate and scorn non-belief, but do not see any possibility of living without belief, and even less possibility of dying without it. And little by little I am building my own beliefs, but they are all, though firm, very indefinite and unconsoling. When the intelligence asks, they answer well; but when the heart aches and begs for an answer, there is no support or consolation. With my intellectual demands and answers given by the Christian religion I am in the situation of two hands which would like to join, but the fingers collide.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave
I just want to say that it gives me hope in the world that an intelligent, thinking Christian would do battle with brain washing, sexist, homophobic "Christians" and be willing to engage with the finer details of Scripture to do so.I just don't have the energy and tend to hide away from dealing with the ugly bits of chruches, especially Anglicanism, and I am grateful that you fight those battles on your blog.Go Dave! And how the hell are you btw?Love Bek