Saturday, January 26, 2008

And So the Abortion Discussion Continues ...

As Willie Nelson once said, "You've got to know when to hold them - and know when to fold them." After comparing those who condoned abortion to those who are complicit in the Holocaust, Craig is still stubbornly holding onto his hand. It's a call that will ultimately hurt nobody else but Craig. I know all too well that It's hard to swallow one's pride, but I'm sure that if Craig did so that he would regain some of his lost credibility. It could also help if he offered an apology to the Jewish community for what were truly insensitive remarks.

Craig's latest tactic has been to play the victim, as noted by myself and another contributor. He's very happy to slander people by suggesting that their stances are the moral equivalent of complicity in genocide, but when people start questioning him, everything becomes too much. He sees himself as a martyr being unjustly persecuted as a result of his convictions. Indeed, most recently he deleted my own comment - it would appear that some of my comments may have struck a bit of a nerve.

Speaking of the deletion of my comment, one of Craig's recent efforts has been to reinforce his supposed authority on his blog, in which he writes: "My blog, my rules. If you don't like it, don't read it. Too easy." This isn't the first time that he has made a statement like this and nor will it be the last. After hearing these comments ad nauseum, they now carry all the conviction of the tantrum thrown by a three year-old when he or she hasn't got their own way. Let me tell you Craig, it's not a good look. The only one you're hurting with this behaviour is yourself.

In addition to his little tantrum, Craig seems to be accusing people of telling him what to write about on his own blog. I asked for clarification concerning the occasions when this was done, but to no avail - it would appear that such a comment was never made. Mind you, I can read between the lines. You see, Craig doesn't like it when people disagree with him - it's all part of the Calvinist desire for control. Most recently, Luke Stevens has been making his rhetoric on abortion look rather silly. For quite some time, Dave Lankshear has been making Craig look absolutely ridiculous on the question of Climate Change by running circles around him. To avoid losing face, Craig may need to come up with some more cogently structured arguments, or else stop writing about these topics. Since the former is rather impossible, Craig has become utterly convinced that disagreeing with him constitutes the latter.

Of course, in reality nobody is telling him Craig what to write on his blog. I don't know of anyone who has held a gun to his head or has hacked into his blog - he can continue to write what he likes. Of course, if he continues to do so, he will continue to look silly.

Too easy.

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