Sunday, January 06, 2008

Phone Home ... If You Can

My year just keeps on getting more exciting by the day. In the early hours of this morning, my mobile phone decided to get jiggy wit' it Harry Holt style. In other words, my phone went for a swim. In other words, I accidentally dropped my mobile phone into a toilet. Don't ask why - just smile and nod because it's much easier that way.

While I was disappointed to wreck my trusty phone (usually my phones go walkabout because I get the chance to wreck them), I did have the pleasure of learning something new. Apparently mobile phones and water don't mix. Seeing as though my mobile is the form of communication with the outside world, I had two options - either I could become a hermit, or I could buy a new phone. After seeing that I had an insufficient supply of canned food to last me through the winter I decided upon the second option. $79 later and I have a brand new phone. I can even take blurry, low-resolution pictures with it. Happy days.

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