Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blogs Are Dangerous

Yesterday was a really pathetic day for my blog - only 10 hits. If I were employed to blog, I think I'd be receiving my first official warning by now.

Anyway, I was looking up Stat Counter which gives me information about my clientele and discovered something really interesting - someone actually stumbled onto my site by typing the search term "how to slow down in ministry" into Google. More specifically, they were lead to one of my reflections entitled "Slow Down - You're Moving Too Fast".

My (completely uneducated) guess is that the searcher was some poor young minister at the end of his or her rope because of the demands and stresses that Christian ministry place on one's time and energy. If so, I really do feel for the guy (or girl). While I'm not a minister myself, I do have a little bit of knowledge about the burnout rates that Christian ministers experience. I don't know if that person will come back, but I wish him or her all the very best for their future endeavours in Christian ministry.

All of the above said, the scary thing is the consideration that this person may actually take my advice seriously, thinking that I am at all qualified to give advice on such matters ...

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