Saturday, April 12, 2008

So Far, So Good in Dubbo

Well, it's been a fairly fun twenty-four hours or so. After work I came back to the Central Coast before a five hour drive to Dubbo. Cessnock and Branxton were fairly interesting little places, but once I got onto the Golden Highway the trip was pretty boring. Still, I love driving long distances by myself because it gives me a real chance just to relax and reflect on things, all while listening to some of my favourite music.

As expected, I am top seed in the this tournament. It's not necessarily a place I like to be, since everyone thinks that you will win the tournament. Anything less is underperforming. Not that I care all that much - playing in the tournament is just an excuse for me to get out of Sydney for a weekend. That said, it's not as if I want to deliberately try to lose games!

So far we've had three rounds, and I've had three wins. Considering that I haven't really played chess in about nine months, I'm playing really well. Two of the opponents I've had so far can be quite tricky if you're not careful, but I managed to dispatch them fairly easily. I am joined by two other players on 3 out of 3, one of which I have to play tomorrow morning. If I can win the game tomorrow morning, I should be well on my way to winning the tournament.

After the final round in the main tournament, the Dubbo Open continued its tradition of having a meal together, followed by a lightning tournament. I could have just as easily picked something up from Red Rooster, but I didn't want to be antisocial, so I just paid for my overpriced bistro meal in the company of the other chess players. I won the lightning tournament with 6 out of 6, which was also nice.

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