Saturday, April 05, 2008

Reporting Live Via Satellite from Brisbane

I am currently at my sister's place and have visited her and her partner, as well as my two nieces, aged three and two. I wasn't entirely sure if I'd have internet access in Brisbane, but it turns out I do, so I am able to write about my adventures.

After a fairly uneventful flight I arrived at my destination, the land of the Canetoad. Straight away I felt like I had entered into a parallel universe. There wasn't anything particularly negative about this alternative plain of existence, but it felt strangely different. I'm not entirely sure why I felt this way, but I may as well have landed in New Delhi.

This morning I awoke late to find the complex politics of female interaction in High School in the movie "Bratz". Clearly a movie aimed at the 12-14 year old female demographic, I had no business continuing to watch this movie. From the viewpoint of dictum and discourse, it was a loathsome and offensive affair, but I could not look away. Staying there to watch the movie was a strangely masochistic experience.

This afternoon I got a haircut, enjoyed a long, slow mocha, and performed my uncle duties with distinction. I felt pretty good about it all. It's been nice to get away from Sydney for the weekend.

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