Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't Trust Your Satellite Navigator

But more on that later ...

Unfortunately I lost my first round this morning - I ran out of time, no less. Had I actually realised that I was so short of time, I would have been able to secure a draw fairly easily. Not to worry, because these things happen. After all, I was reasonably happy with the way I played.

After the upset of the first round, I bounced back with a fairly quick win in the penultimate round. This gave me the theoretical opportunity to come equal first if I won my last round and the leader lost his. I was able to complete the first half of the equation, albeit not without a considerable degree of difficulty. Both myself and my opponent were down to a minute each on our clocks in a very messy position. However, I managed to hold my nerve, while my opponent lost his. The player who beat me then won his final game to score a deserved win in the tournament, while I had to be content with equal second. And content I was, considering how I played throughout the tournament.

On my trip back all was travelling smoothly until my sattelite navigator told me to take an unexpected route which was meant to be a short cut. I was a bit skeptical about the directions given, but decided to obey the Sat Nav because he seemed to know what he was talking about. Little did I know that this route would take me along a narrow road, partly unsealed and very foggy. To make matters more interesting I had to negotiate a kangaroo that jumped out in front of my car. I did so successfully, thankfully. And so, I managed to survive unscathful and with another adventure to cap off an enjoyable weekend.


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Good point- my former bosses' sat nav gave up on him and he had to buy a Gregory's to fine his way around. Book backups are always good.

Ebe said...

One of my brothers has a sat nav, and according to that where I live does not actually exist.

On the other hand, do not trust the site which also states that where I live does not exist.

As for google maps, well it gave me wrong directions and got me very lost. Thankfully, I always carry my street directory with me in the car and eventually managed to get to my destination, with a bit of a detour of course. :)