Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let Our Powers Combine ...

Rudd's "steering committee" for the 2020 Australia summit has been chosen. The 11 individuals, including the chair are as follows:

Professor Glyn Davis – Chair

Dr David Morgan – Future directions for the Australian economy

Mr Warwick Smith - Economic infrastructure, the digital economy and the future of our cities

Mr Roger Beale AO - Population, sustainability, climate change, and water

Mr Tim Fischer AC - Future directions for rural industries and rural communities

Professor Michael Good - A long-term national health strategy

Mr Tim Costello AO - Strengthening communities, supporting families and social inclusion

Dr Kelvin Kong - Options for the future of indigenous Australia

Ms Cate Blanchett - Towards a creative Australia:

Mr John Hartigan - The future of Australian governance:

Professor Michael Wesley - Australia’s future security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world

For some reason, Rudd left out of the "working families" area - but suffice to say it's most likely that all of the above categories shall place working families as a focus within their particular area.

I don't know why, but as soon as I heard of this steering committee, I immediately thought of Captain Planet. For the uninitiated, Captain Planet was a program where five kids from each continent (Australia did not get a start, unfortunately) each possessed special gifts to battle against a particular environmental disaster. However, occasionally the situation got too much for them and they had to "let their powers combine" to summon a blue faced, mullet sporting super hero who would save the day. Such was the success of the program that an entire generation of youngers were effectively insulated against the scourge of climate change skepticism.

I reckon it would be really cool for each of the members of the steering committee to be given a special ring to symbolise their power. Their job would be wage war on those elements in society that threaten our Australian sense of identity. When they face a task that they cannot assess on their own, they should let their powers combine to summon Captain Rudd, who would descend from the clouds. Wearing a lycra superhero suit and sporting a mullet, no less.

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Rat2 said...

For all those who won't be invited to the Summit, the online community created a wiki called Oz Ideas to be our forum to list and vote on the best ideas to improve Australia. It’s free and anonymous. The site just acts as a national online brainstorming session. It’s at http://ozideas.wetpaint.com. There are specific sections for each issue.

Since the public often needs a bit of entertainment to go with their public engagement, there is a fun video on Youtube of Kevin Rudd break dancing with his other white blokey friends. It’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQZa17-Dt_4. See what you think, and if you like it, let others know about both the site and the video.