Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Addicted

When I moved into my current place last June, I made the very deliberate decision not to take my television. I quite rightly reasoned that having a television would make it far too easy to waste time and not do anything of much significance during an evening. Besides, I was quite intent on spending much of my time at home reading through the classics and writing my blog articles.

Unfortunately, I've caved in and had a television and my Playstation 2 brought over to my place. What was the harm, I thought? Surely there will be times when will need to have a nice relaxing night after a hard day at work? And so it was, until I put this game called "Road Trip" in the console and started playing. Now I'm hooked. And because I don't tend to do things in halves, I've allowed playing this game to get in the way of my reading and blog writing. And things that are almost as important, such as eating.

The rationalist in me suggests that there are far worse things to which I could be addicted. But that's beside the point. I knew that this would happen if I succumbed to getting a television and that's exactly what has happened. Sophocles could not have written the script any better.

Anyway, you'll need to excuse me - I have a game to get back to.

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