Monday, May 21, 2007

Moving On

Things have been changing over at the ranch. My lease at Surry Hills is due to expire in a month and the unit has been sold to a homebuyer. This means that I shall have to move, just when I was getting comfortable and all.

Things have been complicated further by the fact that my flatmate has been offered a job in Canberra. It will be sad to part ways - he's truly been a terrific guy to live with. However, at the same time I'm glad that he is receiving this really exciting opportunity to further his career.

With all of the above in mind, it looks like I might have to move into a studio apartment, since I'm not crazy about the idea of moving into a place with a group of people that I don't know. It seems like too much of a lottery and a losing one at that, because there are too many annoying people out there. I'm also reticent about the idea of living by myself, because knowing that there are times that I need some social interaction, I prefer to live with other people.

Anyway, I think that I've found a way around the problem. I looked at an interesting place on Saturday in Erskineville. It's a tiny studio which was originally converted from a warehouse. It has this very rustic charm about it and will help me in my pursuit to live a simple and minimalistic lifestyle. However, perhaps the most appealing element is Erskineville itself. Erskineville seems a lot like one of those long lost villages of the fifties. Within one minute of my doorstep, there is a cafe, a bakery, a pub, a newsagency, a post office and most importantly, the train station. It seems like the kind of close knit community where I could actually get to know my neighbours. I really like that idea.

My idea is to spend a lot of time at the cafe and the bakery, making sure that I get to know the shopkeepers and the regulars who go there. This way I'll be able to get the necessary social interaction I need, while I can chill out at night by myself.

What do people think? Am I being realistic?


CraigS said...

I think it can be hard to get to know your neighbours, even in these "mini-villages" in urban areas. Why not visit the pub as well?

David Castor said...

Oh yes, I plan to visit the pub. Several times. I will also plan to buy my newspapers from local newsagents and my petrol from the local service station. The idea is to hopefully be on a first name basis with all the local vendors in the area. I recognise that this would take time.

michael jensen said...

Used to live near there: yes Erko is wonderful. Great fish and chip shop there too.

Bob said...

Hi Guys, I am looking at possibly purchasing the property in Erskineville. Not sure if you will know this, but do you know what Clara street is like? Can you tell me what that street is like from your perspective, i.e. is it noisy(neighbors/trains/traffic), is it a nice to work, what are the residents like, is there any building construction planned etc…any information would be greatly appreciated as I am not so familiar with the area.