Wednesday, May 09, 2007

104 Things About Me

When in Geneva, do as the Genevans do, so I might as well follow along. However, in protest to being drawn into the hijinx, I shall limit my list to 104 items.

  1. I live on the edge of the city.
  2. In fact, I quite often walk to and from work, which is near Wynyard.
  3. My flatmate isn't Christian.
  4. I think it's better that way.
  5. I am 24.
  6. I rarely divulge my age, since I believe that people should respond to my arguments, rather than a number.
  7. I am an unashamed mummy's boy.
  8. I have been estranged from my father for six and a half years.
  9. I have a sister living in Brisbane.
  10. I have two nieces, who are both gorgeous.
  11. I hope that once they are old enough, they will adore me.
  12. In a few years I shall take them to the zoo and buy them fairy floss without telling their mother.
  13. I feel uncomfortable at large family gatherings.
  14. So does my mother.
  15. I became a Christian when I was 17.
  16. Back then, I was an evangelical.
  17. But now I'm not.
  18. I used to be scared of Liberalism and afraid of engaging with what they believed in case I became "one of them".
  19. But now I'm not.
  20. I even did a bit of study at a theological college.
  21. I used to preach regularly at a church I used to go to.
  22. For a short period of time I wanted to be a minister.
  23. But I've now recognised that this isn't my calling.
  24. I have completed a law degree.
  25. While I achieved reasonable results, I'm sure I could have done better.
  26. I now work as a paralegal.
  27. I hope to be admitted as a solicitor in October.
  28. After that, I hope to work in criminal law.
  29. Depression has been a major part of my life.
  30. But at the moment I'm feeling great.
  31. I'm feeling truly human.
  32. Before the last few months I hadn't been able to say this for a very long time.
  33. I am an extroverted introvert.
  34. I have a small circle of friends.
  35. But those friends I do have are truly special to me.
  36. Everytime I speak to someone I have the intention to change their world for the better.
  37. I enjoy the prospect of shocking people.
  38. But I don't shock people merely for the sake of shocking them.
  39. I view everytime I speak to someone as an opportunity for me to learn from them.
  40. In the last few years I've learnt the value of listening to others.
  41. I've also learnt that I'm not nearly as smart as I previously thought I was.
  42. I used to be a really good chess player.
  43. I've represented NSW three times.
  44. But I don't play anymore - other things have taken priority.
  45. I love music.
  46. I like the idea of liking music that others either don't know or don't like.
  47. My greatest regret is not learning a musical instrument.
  48. I wonder if it is too late to start now.
  49. I am a perfectionist.
  50. I am my own worst critic.
  51. I am constantly disappointed in my inability to live up to my calling as a Christian.
  52. I wish I could be a writer.
  53. But because I am a perfectionist, nothing ever gets written.
  54. I read very few novels.
  55. I am seeking to change that.
  56. I love road tripping.
  57. Over the last few years I have travelled to Rockhampton an Adelaide.
  58. Because I am a control freak, I did most of the driving.
  59. I have a bohemian side that I use to escape from my image as a legal professional.
  60. My supervisor pressured me to cut my hair.
  61. I was very reluctant to do so because I thought it was fine.
  62. But I did it anyway.
  63. I love spending time in second-hand bookstores.
  64. But most of the time I don't buy any books.
  65. My last purchase was a book of Yeats' poetry.
  66. I understand it far less than I think I do.
  67. I love watching arthouse films.
  68. After watching such a film, I love discussing the film with a friend over coffee.
  69. I must overanalyse every minute detail.
  70. I've recently come to quite like Chai Latte.
  71. My last girlfriend was an evangelical.
  72. I respected her faith and I still do.
  73. I'm happy that we have remained friends.
  74. I'm not nearly as nasty as people who read my posts might believe.
  75. In fact, I think I'm a very empathetic person.
  76. I eat out far more often than I would like.
  77. I'm trying to change that.
  78. I am currently trying to get healthy.
  79. Because of this, buying slurpies from Seven-Eleven on a nightly basis will have to stop.
  80. Last night I ran 3.7km on the treadmill.
  81. I was very proud of myself.
  82. Which is depressing, because when I was 15 I would run anywhere from 10 to 15km every Saturday morning.
  83. I love driving my white Corolla.
  84. But I can only drive it when my I go home to my parents place because I have no carspaces where I currently live.
  85. I will go back this weekend for Mother's Day.
  86. I plan to study for my upcoming Property Practice assessment for the College of Law.
  87. No study will get done.
  88. I spend far too much time on the internet.
  89. Now that I've started blogging, I don't see this problem resolving itself.
  90. Despite the fact that I'm on the internet quite regularly I'm less computer literate than I would like.
  91. But as least I can type quickly and accurately.
  92. Except when I'm thinking about lists like this.
  93. Which has taken far too much time already.
  94. Although I'm not a workaholic, I spend quite a bit of time at work.
  95. But not today - I took two hours off for lunch.
  96. A certain minister is to blame for this.
  97. But I don't mind in the slightest.
  98. I'm also leaving early today because I'm seeing a movie at Newtown Dendy about Carthusian monks tonight.
  99. The writings of Kierkegaard resonate with me.
  100. Even though I have a hard time understanding him.
  101. I have come to love symbolism and ritual
  102. The Christian mystics appeal to me.
  103. This is because they stress praxis over and above theory.
  104. I love to be thought of as an enigma.


byron said...

Love to hear a review of the movie. My wife's going to see it tonight at Newtown too.

RodeoClown said...

48 - no, it's not too late, you should have a good 60 years to get good at something if you start now.

Guitar is easy to make sound OK quickly (I can't play though, because I have short, fat fingers).

Piano is a good for learning to read music (which will always help).

Bass guitar is awesome (but you really need other people to play with).

Or learn the theramin, as that would be super original :)

Nixter said...
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robria said...

was suprised to read that list of things. had no idea u were a mummy's boy, but glad to hear it. Just remember that on Sunday.
love Mum

Nixter said...

Great list David, I really liked it. Glad you went down in number or else this could have gotten out of hand ;)

We have a Corolla too, I love it. Not white but blue!

David Castor said...

Thankyou all for coming to my blog. Hope you all stick around and see what I have to write.

Let me know if there is anything you'd like to write about. Byron, I'll try to put up a few of my thoughts about "Into Great Silence" tonight.

Dominic said...

re 96. I enjoyed our conversation.

Gareth said...

42. I used to be a really good chess player.

Ah poor David I pity you, you decided to leave chess and join the human race. You sad, sad individual.

78. I am currently trying to get healthy.

79. Because of this, buying slurpies from Seven-Eleven on a nightly basis will have to stop.

Oh, and I thought you just pigged out on those when I'm around!

jubella said...

hey dave, nice list. by the way I heard u r taking the girls to the zoo and r going to feed them fairy floss. Im fine with this, but you will have to deal with the sugar overload. GOOD LUCK!!