Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Liberals Ecstatic as Nelson Surges to 10 percent in Polls

A few weeks ago, Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson looked down and out. His fortunes changed today, however, when a new poll showed that the man they used to call Brendan "07 percent" Nelson had lifted his rating in the preferred Prime Minister stakes to 10 percent. This means that he now has the support of more than simply his extended family and half of the parlimentary Liberal Party - actual members from the general public are starting to get on board. National Party MP Bruce Scott was overjoyed with the result, suggesting that if Brendan Nelson continues the way he is going "people will reward us with those opinion polls that we've got today". Nobody from the ALP has responded to the claim, but sources close to the party suggest that they agree.

The new poll will be somewhat concerning for Kevin Rudd, who had his lead in the preferred Prime Minister stakes cut back to a paltry 60 percentage point margin. And as speculation mounts about the meteoric rise and rise of Brendan Nelson, comparisons are always being drawn between himself and former Opposition Leader Simon Crean, who managed to pull in 14 percent of the preferred Prime Minister vote in November 2003. Of course, he has a lot of hard work to do before he hits the heights, or as the case may be, lows of Simon Crean. Let's hope that he puts his nose to the grindstone and doesn't let today's success go to his head.

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