Thursday, March 06, 2008

French Village Told Not to Die by Local Mayor

What do you do when your local cemetry is quickly running out of room? Well, the mayor of Sarpourenx, a French village has come up with a novel solution to the problem. He has told his constituents that they are no longer allowed to die. Sounds like a reasonable, not to mention innovative solution, but how is he going to enforce this edict? Quite simply, he has given the stern warning that "offenders will be severely punished". Of course, just in case some of the local were flouting the new law, they'll now think twice because of the consequences of doing so.

The irony is that the beloved mayor celebrated his 70th birthday on Wednesday, so chances are that he is much more likely to break his law in the new future than the majority of the village. Let's just hope that the next mayor sees fit to overturn the statute books.

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