Monday, August 13, 2007

The Last Post For Signposts

Some two weeks ago I learnt about It didn't take me long to get involved with discussions on postmodernity, homosexuality and Hillsong and to find people who both strongly agreed and disagreed with what I said. I'd suggest that the diversity of views reflects very favourably upon Phil and Dan McCredden and the latitude that they gave to open discussion and enquiry. Perhaps the only thing that annoys me more than dogmatic conservative Christians is dogmatic progressive Christians, especially when they are operating under the declaration of being open-minded. To their credit, Phil and Dan did not let this happen, welcoming views from all over the theological spectrum.

It would appear that Phil and Dan are now deciding to shut Signposts down. While extremely disappointing (especially considering that I arrived so late on the scene) the decision is completely understandable. I can only imagine that keeping Signposts running for as long as Phil and Dan did would have been rather draining on their time and resources. Their quest for inclusivity has also incurred the ire of some, which is rather unfortunate. I wish both Phil and Dan Godspeed in their future endeavours - may they continue to be a positive influence upon others.

Having had a taste of this community, I am still in denial. I want to keep it running. I want to keep the flame alive. How about others? I'd be particularly interested in hearing from other Signposters about the prospect of continuing along on the journey, pursuing questions and embracing a more holistic faith. If it's possible, I'd love some of you to leave your thoughts here about where we can go as a community and other ideas that may seem even remotely relevant to keeping the dream alive.

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