Friday, May 30, 2008

The Run is (Probably) Over

Well, it looks like the end. So far I've blogged every day this year, making 152 days in total. In doing that I've probably sacrificed quality for the sake of quantity - but people don't seem to appreciate quality anyway, do they? Not like in the good old days, it seems. That said, I'm going away to Kurrajong this weekend for a Catholic retreat and probably won't have an internet connection. Well, it's been a good run while its lasted.

Maybe there are some computer heads out there who could set up a program that will "auto blog" for me at twenty-four hour intervals? Or is my belief in the idea of perpetual blogging simply one of my immaculate conceptions based on nothing but an assumption?


Dave Miers said...

it's called wordpress!!

they have a function where you can time the posts.

i did a week of posting that i prepared on monday - and then let the drop automatically for the rest of the week.

you know you want to change to wordpress!! you can easily export all your posts from blogger...

have a good weekend.

David Castor said...

Oh, funky - I shall have to look into that.

Thanks, and hope you have a good weekend too.

Dr. Chaotica said...

If you use the "blogger in draft" you can schedule too....

see here -