Monday, December 03, 2007

Ether in the Afterglow

How hopelessly fickle we are
We love on borrowed time
Our hearts deceive us
And our angry eyes are outraged
What is seen is not what is
But when what is is seen
Then we will weep for what is
And mourn for what is not
But still we chase after chimeras
Looking no further than ourselves
For we love when we are loved
And love less when we are less loved
So we cradle our carefully crafted idols
Until twilight sends them to sleep
Only to wake to the new dawn
And yet the same story as before


Stephanie said...

This poem is beautiful... upsetting but in a poignant way. I love the way you begin with “How hopelessly fickle we are” and return to that sense of hopelessness at the end “And yet the same story as before”. You have a real gift for written expression, even if it does make me want to cry :-)

The following is from a book of poetry by Noel Davis. It's got quite a hopeful tone and it reminded me of you because I know you've found it hard to write over the last few months.I hope you like it...

There's a time to let go
of trying to express
what ever remains beyond
the way of words
and simply to be present
delighting in the gift of each other!

love Steph

Bek said...

that was heart breaking and very good. you are quite the talented writer Dave. I have missed your blogs. I want to ask how are you but the poem makes me think you are in a melancholy mood this moment. I am still looking for work, wondering what my future holds and missing home a little for the first time. stay in touch