Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The 2007 Electoral Debates

With all the subtlety of a schoolyard bully, Kevin "look at me, generation Y" Rudd has challenged Howard "'57" (1957, that is) to a series of three debates. Of the three debates, one must take place on You Tube and another on the ABC. Clearly, this move is directed towards undermining Howard's honour (or what might be called "honour", anyway) in the playground. If Howard backs away from this backyard brawl, he risks being labelled a "chicken" by Rudd, although my guess is that Rudd will couch the insult in more sophisticated parlance, or possibly Mandarin.

Anticipating these events, it is clear that Howard will have to counter by suggesting a venue where he would feel much more comfortable - but where?

Kirribilli House?

Rooty Hill RSL?

Brentwood Village Retirement Home?

I really don't know - has anyone got any suggestions?


One Salient Oversight said...

Some old church hall in the country, with a picture of the queen hanging on the wall and an old lady playing piano, while other old ladies serve cups of tea and lamingtons to the guests.

David Castor said...

The picture you provide reminds me so much of the church I went to as a kid that it's scary. I must say, I could sure go for a cup of tea and a lamington right about now. Of course, you've got to have scones with jam and cream too.